Volatile economic conditions require bespoke legal expertise. Our lawyers are subject matter experts who work with clients and law firms to get the best legal outcomes and to give up to date advice. Remember, from our affiliated outsourcing entity we are daily learning the best from leading edge firms throughout the country.

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Commercial Law

Our lawyers take an holistic approach when advising on commercial matters, taking the time to fully understand not just your business, but the external factors that may impact on any deals.

Commercial and business agreements can empower the success of your law firm. That is why it is important you have available an in depth understanding of the effect such agreements may have on the entities involved.


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We assist businesses to optimize their operations in an environment where business leaders are increasingly being asked ‘to do more with less'.

Budgets are shrinking, yet the risks being managed are more complex than ever.

We're a multidisciplinary team. We can help business leaders design ways to improve their business operations. We can apply strategic risk management through Flx expertise, research and technology insights.

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Property Law

Our experienced conveyancing team can assist you with all aspects of buying or selling residential or commercial property.

Our areas of service include:

    • Home purchase and sale
    • Complex property transactions and disputes
    • Subdivisions and land developments
    • Economic legal support to multiple lot property development


Our team guides entrepreneurs to realize their potential through commercial and legal advice that is essential to ensure a governance framework that supports and nurtures start up growth.

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Business Process Automation

We can transform your business with strategic advice from Flx Legal specialists who have in-depth experience in technology and automation.

IT Contracts

Corporate, Trust and Corporate Secretarial

Our specialists can assist with review, negotiation and drafting of:

  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Unit Holder Agreements
  • Sale of Share Agreements
  • Other stakeholder Agreements.

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