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About Flx Legal

Flx Legal is different. You can tell that from our name. We are not named after some ancient doyen of the law. No, our name speaks of what we are now and aim always to be.

We have sprung from a deep reservoir of support for literally thousands of lawyers throughout Australia. With now a hundred in our support team, way more than most law firms in Australia, we have mastered IT systems, precedent systems, practice management systems and all the accounting applications.

We get you there quicker. That is the Flx Legal promise. There are no crash landings.

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Technology is at the heart of what we do

In the old days car manufacturers did things the old way, making all the components. Then along came Tesla, a software company that now makes world leading cars. We are similar. We come from a services and software background and now we are taking on traditional ways of doing law, but we do it the Flx way. Watch out! In years to come the others will play catch up.

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Our Expertise

We have specialist knowledge and experience across a broad range of sectors and industries to help you achieve the best outcome for your clients.

Latest Insights

Technology trends that will shape Australian law firms in 2022

With the pandemic changing the definition of “normal”, many organisations are switching to new practices. Even the traditionally conservative legal industry has been quick to adopt some recent technological trends in 2022 The rise of intelligent business practices The idea of process automation in projects is nothing new to law firms; however, in 2022, the …

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Privacy Law in Australia

Relevant legislation The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act) is the main act governing privacy laws in Australia as a whole. There are also local State Acts that cover privacy for health records and some government and semi-government record keeping. The Act is designed to protect individuals’ privacy and mandate the acquisition, handling, and storage of …

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Outsourcing In The Legal World

With Covid impacting how law firms and legal departments operate and how resourcing models and service delivery structures are evolving, we were greatly excited to see our Flx Legal board member Anthony Burke and Principal of one of our long-standing clients Burke & Associates Lawyers, Meghan Warren discuss outsourcing in the legal world and their experience of LPO in their …

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