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Podcast Tales From the Trenches

At Flx Legal we feel fortunate to work with clients and stakeholders who have in their teams have an amazing mix of industry professionals, subject matter experts, innovators and trail blazers.

At Tales from the Trenches we invite these industry professionals on a topic close to their heart and expertise.


Episode #3

Tales from the Trenches Podcast: Tony Nolan

This time around Tony speaks with Tony Nolan, a pioneer of both mediation and sports law in Australia.

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Episode #2

Tales from the Trenches Podcast: Bill O’Shea

This week Tony speaks with prominent Melbourne lawyer Bill O’Shea. They discuss the 70s, Tiananmen Square, radio shows and skipping ahead in school.

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Episode #1

Tales from the Trenches Podcast: 11 Things

Today Tony discusses with Partha, 11 things you should know before becoming a lawyer. You can check out Tony’s original article on the subject on the Law Institute of Victoria website. View Audio links below.


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