Technology trends that will shape Australian law firms in 2022 Mar 10, 2022

Pensive female student of faculty of law checking mail and reading notification with financial news on smartphone device standing outdoors near evening neon lights

With the pandemic changing the definition of “normal”, many organisations are switching to new practices. Even the traditionally conservative legal industry has been quick to adopt some recent technological trends in 2022

The rise of intelligent business practices

The idea of process automation in projects is nothing new to law firms; however, in 2022, the intrinsic business benefit of investing in automation abilities will become apparent. Process Automation drives some significant advantages, yet it’s just a part of the picture.

Intelligent business practices (IBP) will replace traditional process automation, expanding the scope and reducing functional expenses. The emphasis will be on distinguishing which processes hold a firm back and how they can be streamlined and ultimately wholly automated. Automation tools are used to ensure that they deliver the best value in the most efficient way possible.

Security will remain front and centre.

Ongoing high-profile breaches have kept IT security a critical concern for firms – this won’t change during 2022. However, with the threat scene evolving, adequate efforts should ensure better protection of infrastructure.

Firms will find that a complete audit of IT security policies is essential. Some organisations may consider using a managed security services provider, and these technology partners offer extensive security experience and can eliminate a significant part of the managing measures internally.

The creation of the data steward

Approaching consistent and reliable data has turned into an essential requirement in business. Although, having numerous sources stored in various locations can make it challenging to have a “solitary version of the truth”.

In 2022, growing numbers of firms will usher in data stewards whose role is to guarantee data is managed, stored and shared safely and efficiently. In addition, they will act as a guard who ensures that multiple versions of the same data are not made, and everybody is working from the same set.

Subsequently, consistency will be significantly improved, and strategic decisions will be made on the most accurate and updated data available. The impact of the pandemic, generational changes in the workforce, and steadily expanding reliance and use of technology should make 2022 an exciting year.