IT Services At SBA/Flx Legal Dec 1, 2020

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This week meet our IT team! But what can they do to support your firm?

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Continuing from our series of what makes team SBA so special, today we’ll introduce the SBA backbone – our IT team.

Of course, they support all our SBA teams their IT requirements, but you might not know, our skilled IT crew are there to also support our clients!

Generally medium and large organisations would consider an IT manager essential, but what about yours? Are your requirements straightforward? Or do your operational needs not stack up with the additional cost?

With SBA, we can fill whatever gap you might have. The median salary of an in-house IT manager, over $100,000 – Our IT solutions could be the effective and economical in between you didn’t know you needed.

You might ask, why is it necessary when I can handle my current IT requirements? For a small operation, is it just another cost?

There are considerations you may not have made.

Your resources are limited. Can your time be better spent? SBA IT support in any capacity will give you more opportunity to grow what’s at the core of your business

Initial set up of your IT process and systems could be as simple as registering a Gmail account and utilizing G Suite. But how does that scale up with growth of your business?

Do you have the time and capacity to train and support your employees in your IT space? Do you understand IT security and what it means to be vulnerable? In truth, IT is complex, even at the entry level.

Being reactive to an IT issue or crisis can be costly in both downtime to your business in addition to the cost of having external technicians or experts to help. SBA IT support can enable your systems and processes to be monitored and kept up to date as well as anticipate and mitigate problems being nimble and dynamic in a crisis.

It’s possible you’re not using your current systems to their full potential. Proprietary software can have many options that may not be apparent with your specific daily tasks. Additional training offered by developers can also be expensive. We can either work as a consultant to help identify inefficiency in your current practices or apply a new process ongoing.

You might consider your business an unworthy target for cyber attackers, however studies have more than a third of cybercrime is aimed at small business. Whilst security in your IT systems should be paramount, many SMBs are either not equipped or lack the understanding to be secure

Our experienced IT team at SBA can help with any Help desk, Business Process Automation and IT project management support as well as offer Cyber Security health checks and hardening of your cyber security infrastructure and office 365 implementation.

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